"There is no way for me to adequately explain the impact this hunting experience had, not only on me, but my entire family.  In the last 14 months I learned that I have a brain tumor, had a full craniotomy, given a terminal prognosis based on a rare form of brain cancer and learned that I would be separated from the military.  Lack of hope and deep depression had completely taken over.  This hunt gave me something to look forward to.  The kindness shown by Wings of Valor and the fellowship with other disabled veterans was an impactful and healing experience that I will be forever grateful for.

                                  -David S. Arkansas Air National Guard


"To the men who bring the life back into those who leave home and come back and give them a PEACE OF MIND, for their SOUL TO OPEN UP and RELAX!!!  Even if it's just for a few days, it gives the Soul time to adjust and breath with others they never knew before!!!  I just want to thank all of you at Wings of Valor Lodge." 

                                -Mick H. USMC