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Everyone at Wings of Valor is a volunteer.

We have events scheduled and your help is appreciated.  We have been blessed with many volunteers over the last two years and the time and talent provided allows us to offer our mission to disabled veterans at no cost.  If you can offer help in the area of cleaning, meal-serving, guiding hunts or fundraising, it is important you contact us prior to coming to an event.  We want to make sure everyone at Wings of Valor, including veterans, staff and volunteers are safe during our events.  There  are some requirements to become a volunteer and we are happy to have the discussion prior to your arrival or we invite you to attend a volunteer training session, which we generally have every six months.   Thank you!

To get on our email list of volunteers, please send a message to Scott; and request to be added.  You will then receive updates on events when we need specific help at the lodge.

Volunteer by calling


or contacting one of our staff listed below.

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